What's happening?

Bringing Nature Indoors

I came across a cnc carved pattern years ago and have been wanting to use it ever since.

Drawers Drawers

The drawers use Ikea Komplement draws, the rest I have built from birch ply.

Loft door Loft door

The ply was carved using a 120 degree vbit at a depth of 3mm for anyone who is interested.

12th Feb 2020

Surfin' a Banana

Some street art to brighten up a grey January in Reading.
Will it catch on this summer?

Surfing on a banana in the street Surfing on a banana in the street Surfing on a banana in the street

4th Jan 2020

Back to Basics

Asked if i could make a balance beam out of some bits of a tree for a child I though this is a great chance to be a bit more free with my work and be outdoors. Not to be missed.

Really enjoyed having to be less precise and trying out a chainsaw.

Now looking into getting some chainsaw training and looking at more possibilities.

Bits of wood from Wales Childs Balance Beam Outdoor Balance Beam

8th Dec 2019

A Couple of Signs

A couple of signs I've made recently. Much as I enjoy using plywood it was good to be working with some hardwood(yew) - cnc cuts it very cleanly.

Pack Saddle Community Garden Say Yes More 1 Say Yes More 2

24th Nov 2019

Reclaiming It

I like to use reclaimed wood when I can. It often has a rough beauty of its own.
A few bits and pieces I've made over the past year:

Old Elm Fence Post Elm Plinth TV stand pallets TV pallets jarrah and oak

3rd Nov 2019

Here Comes the Sun

I was asked to bring some sunshine to the Rising Sun's festival Here Comes the Sun.

Some of my colourful pieces were installed on the ceiling of the bar area. I was pleased to be able to show off some of my flexible friends outdoors.

Many folk have asked me if I can make the joints easly moveable. At the moment they are just bolts and wingnuts but I plan on looking at something that is more user friendly.

Rising Sun - Here Comes the Sun 2019 Rising Sun - Here Comes the Sun 2019 Rising Sun - Here Comes the Sun 2019 Rising Sun - Here Comes the Sun 2019

6th Sep 2019

Have a Laugh Exhibition/Event

I am putting on an exhibition/event of funny and humourous art, stuff, creative bits and bobs. Basically a show of anything that might make the citizens of Reading laugh, smile and chuckle.

I would love this to be a collective project working with anyone else who might be interested. Intiially I'm intending to limit it to visual pieces only, maybe film/video. It would be open to all. if you've made something and you think someone will laugh at it then submit it.

Beyond an exhibition I can see possibilities for something more ambitious - out onto street, more public. I'm open to ideas.

If you are interested in anyway please drop me a line steve@bringmesunshine.today.

5th Mar 2019

Let's Boogie

Meet my new flexible friends Ben and Geri.

Funny figures 1 Funny figures 2 Funny figures 3 Funny figures 4

Funny or beautiful?
Some poses make me laugh others are quite beautiful, dancing and moving. Maybe just silly like Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks.

Where's this going?
I have a project in mind provisionally called ‘The dance class’ or ‘Learning to Dance’, laughing at ourselves and our embarassment at getting things wrong.

28th Feb 2019

It's Time to Change the World

Concerned about the small things that matter in life? Too shy to get out on the street? How about a plywood protestor for your front room?


Where's this project going?
Develop an outdoor version as a revolutionary alternative to garden knomes? A mass demonstration in central London?

28th Feb 2019

New work for my front door

Changed some of the work on my workshop door.


Workshop door October 2018


Workshop door November 2018

18th Nov 2018

Shapes that make me smile

I've moved on a bit with the funny shapes research. Made up these out of plywood and hardboard from a quick sketch I did about a year ago. Are they figures? Are they dancing? Are they having some up close and personal relationships? Whatever they are and are doing it looks like fun to me.

Funny shape 1 Funny shape 1

14th Nov 2018

New work added

Two new pieces of recently completed work added - Stuffstore units and Spirals

Stuffstore Units Spirals

10th Nov 2018

Rising Sun Art Market - 2nd December 2018

I will be at the Art Market with a selection of my work for sale.
There will be a range of work from £5 and upwards plus Steve's bargain box which is basically a box of leftovers from some of my projects, spare letters, nice curved bits of wood which might be useful if you feel like being creative yourself.
Feel free to pop along to see what I'm doing.

30th Oct 2018

Do some shapes make you smile?

Some definitely make me smile.
Maybe because they look like something in the real world, maybe because they are curved and colourful.

There's plenty of ideas for me to explore -

Funny shape 1 Funny shape 1 Funny shape 1 Funny shape 1

20th Oct 2018

What Have I made

a few words about it a few words about ita few words about it

What can I do for you?

Fancy something bespoke?
Got an idea for something but just need it making?
Need some special shapes cutting?
Seen something you like that I've made and would like your own personalised version?

I've got cnc technology, plenty of power tools and loads of hand tools.

Head this way for more about what I can offer you.

What's it about?

What do I make?

What do I make?
Why am I making it?

I make things - art, objects and stuff that makes me (and others) smile and chuckle.

Some are humourous and make me smile and laugh on the outside others are colourful and beautiful and make me smile on the inside.

There's a bit more here.